(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Fishhooks

Walk into absolutely ANY tackle shop around the world and you’ll find literally hundreds – maybe even thousands – of different options available for you when it comes to fishhooks.

You’ve got big ones, you’ve got small ones, you’ve got ones with all kinds of different look and barb configurations, you’ve got ones designed for very specific types efficient and ones that promise you’ll be able to catch anything from a minnow to a marlin and everything in between on them – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Trying to find the perfect fishhooks for your specific needs can be almost impossible unless you know exactly what to look for and why you need that particular kind of hook to begin with.

Well, by the time we’re done with all of the inside information we have to offer you should be able to better understand exactly what you’re getting into what it comes time to purchase fishhooks. You’ll be a bit of a fishhooks expert!

Hook size is critically important

Fishhook sizes run the gamut from ridiculously small to big enough to grab a shark or alligator and everything in between, and finding the right hook for your intended prey is going to be critically important.

For all intents and purposes, the smaller the number associated with the hook the better it is going to be. A number three hook is going to be smaller than a number two hook, for example. This is going to make finding the right size hook a lot easier, though you want to do a little bit of research into the appropriate size hook you’ll need for the particular kind of fish your after that day.

Stay away from multi hooks if you’re serious about catching and release

Multi hooks (hooks that use multiple barbs to really sink right into the fish that you have hooked, making it a lot easier to reel them in) definitely make landing prize fish a lot easier – but it also does devastating damage to the fish that you are going to release back into the water, and that’s a huge problem for conservationists and those that respect the sport and the fish that they are looking to land.

If you, on the other hand, are going to be capturing fish to feed yourself or your family – fish that you are going to execute humanely before you cook them up or use them in some other useful way – multi hooks are going to make bringing in your catch a lot more simple and straightforward.

It all really depends on what you’re looking to do and how you’re looking to do it.

Bait size should determine hook size

The kind of fish you are going after is going to be attracted to a very particular kind of bait, and the size of that bait should determine the kind of hook that you are going to use.

This is, again, going to require a little bit of extra research on your behalf and is also going to require you to carry multiple size hooks if you’re going to be running multiple types of bait while you are out on the water.

Choose your hooks size based on the bait you’re using, and choose your bait based on the kind of fish you’re looking to land. You’ll never have to worry about rocking and rolling with the wrong fishhooks ever again with this approach.