WANG Fishing Gear Reel All Metal Head Rocker Arm Without High Clearance Spinning Wheel Bearings: 13 + 1,6000

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Technical Details
  • Spindle body four bearing system, long-term use, the line shell balance, round wire more uniform, more easy on the fish
  • Push the metal folding rocker, to avoid the fish after the folding function failure or folding at the fracture occurred fishing phenomenon
  • Titanium throwing wheel, so that the gap is more smooth over the line
  • High-grade wool felt pads, a greater degree of stability fishing wheel brake more spiritual
  • Outlet mouth slant design, outlet fast and uniform
    Product Category: spinning wheel Bearing: 13 + 1 Suitable for waters: sea, lake, reservoir, pond Model 2000: Weight 288g; Speed ratio: 5.5: 1; Bearing: 12 + 1BB Winding: 0.2mm / 220m Brake: 6.5KG Model 3000: Weight 305; Speed ratio: 5.5: 1; Bearing: 12 + 1BB; Winding: 0.3mm / 140m Brake: 6.5KG Model 4000: Weight 405g; Speed ratio: 5.5: 1; Bearing: 12 + 1Bb; Winding: 0.35mm / 160m Brake: 6.5KG Model 5000: Weight 415g; Speed ratio: 5.5: 1; Bearing: 12 + 1bb; Winding: 0.35mm / 200m Brake: 6.5KG Model: 6000: Weight 433g; Speed ratio: 5.5: 1; Bearing: 13 + 1bb; Winding: 0.4mm / 210m Brake: 6.5KG

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