Right handed Casting glove for Sea Fishing/Carp Fishing. Finger and Thumb Protection (blue)

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Technical Details
  • Safe Casting for Sea Fishing or Carp Fishing with Braided line
  • This dedicated Neoprene Casting Glove is Good quality and easy to use
  • Velcro strap makes for easy wearing
  • No more line burns or Bird nesting
  • Specially crafted for Spod casting, Braided line, Long range Casting with multiplier or fixed spool Reels
    This innovative dedicated casting glove makes for safe casting of Braided Line or long casts. This makes it Perfect and a must have for the serious Carp Angler or Catfish Fisherman. Also this is Brilliant for Sea Fishing with both Fixed Spoon and Multiplier Reels. Something every fisherman needs in their tackle-box. This specially designed and crafted Neoprene Glove comes in 3 colours and is quick and easy to slip off and on with an elasticated Velcro strap.

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