RBA 500ml Glug Liquid - Choice of 7 Flavours Krill Nut Toffee Banana Mulberry Blueberry Green Lipped Mussel GLM Salmon Oil Attractant Dip for Fishing Bait Boilies Hookbait Pop-Ups Pre-Tied PVA Sticks & Groundbait (Spicy Krill)

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Technical Details
  • Highly Fragrant
  • PVA Friendly
  • Perfectly Flavour Any Bait
  • Long-term Shelf Life
  • Next Day Dispatch
    All the glugs are PVA friendly and highly fragrant. Their ingredients include BLUEBERRY: Blueberry flavour, Glycerine, Fish feed inducing oils; ROASTED NUT: Ground almonds, Desiccated coconut, Sesame oil, Glycerine, Milk proteins; MULBERRY PINK: Mulberry flavour, Glycerine, Fish feed inducing oils; TOFFEE & BANANA: Toffee flavour, Banana flavour, Glycerine, Fish feed inducing oils; SPICY KRILL: Whole chilli flakes and seeds, Krill and oyster extracts, Glycerine, Monster crab and squid oils, Rapeseed oil; GREEN LIPPED MUSSEL: GLM, flavour, Glycerine, Fish feed inducing oils; SALMON OIL: Salmon Oil. Our glugs, boilies, pop-ups and dips are made and supplied by RBA Roberts' Baits & Attractors. They are all made with this season's ingredients and have been tested successfully in the field for their durability, function and effectiveness. Not for human consumption. ALLERGY ADVICE: May contains nuts.

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