Pack of 72 Stainless Steel Steel Leaders Rigs With Tuning Pegs 3 Different Lengths 15/20/25 cm for Predatory Fish Such As Pike

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Technical Details
  • 100% Brand New Pack of 72 Steel leader with barrel swivel at the base and fishing swivel on the below.
  • Each with 24 front pockets made from soft 1X7ER Stainless Steel included in 15 cm/20 cm and 25 cm.
  • Material: Plastic Coated thread (plastic coated wire).
  • Maximum weight supported: 15 cm 6 kg/20 cm - 9 kg - 25 cm - 12kg from manufacturer.
  • Brand new and best quality. Ideal for use in salt and fresh water.
    Pack of 72 New Leader with swivel Pike Pike 15/20/25 cm Ideal for use in the in salt and fresh water. This is the latest metres your cord is vital to their success this season when fishing for predatory fish. Combination with fish hook, protection against fish grab. Material: Steel wire Quantity: 24 pieces for each size Box Contents: 72 x Leader

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