Jshanmei® 1000 Piece Bright Plastic Round Bead Oval Shaped Beads Fishing Lures Fishing Corn Fishing leisurely Tools Eggs

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Technical Details
  • Package: box of 1000 Oval Round Bead Necklace of fishing. 9 sizes in different colours
  • The coloured beads to be put on over the hook for added attraction Night Fishing or fishing of the deep water place while in use on bait, hook or on your line be straight. The pearl has a hole in the middle for the fishing line by threading. Great instructions to Angel, it becomes more comfort for angler.
  • Note: The Box Two Layers. Just in case that the sizes are the balls.De careful, 'when you open on it
  • Colour: Green, Yellow, Red
  • It is best for the mains, pool, lake, river fishing and so on.
    Brand: Jshanmei Pack of 1000)/kit: the 9 sizes available in various colours Red - --------- 6 x 6/8x6 (mm) Green - ----- 4x4/7 x 7/7/12 x 8/15 x 10 (mm) Yellow - --- 4x4/10x7 (mm) Yogayet fishing beads: Glow in the dunkelfarbigen hard plastic egg-shaped, allows for added attraction while night fishing or fishing of the deep water use on lures, hooks or on your line just above the hooks. Features a hole in the middle for fishing line thread through. Great instructions to tackle more comfortable for fishing. Features: 1st Package Included): 1000pcs Oval Round Bead Fishing 2 colour: green, yellow and red 3. hard plastic oval, rounded beads floating beads fishing 4, Good for deep drop rigs 5. suitable for power, pool, lake, river, fishing in salt water and so on

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