JSHANMEI 4packs Fishing Sinker Weights Ready Egg Rigs Metal Hook Shank Clip Connector Swivel Snap Stainless Steel Fishing Trace Wire Leaders Line Rig Rigging Saltwater Ready Egg Rigs (1 oz/28g-4packs)

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Technical Details
  • Package: 4packs Fishing Egg Rigs(1bag include 2packs,4packs=2bags)
  • Weight: 1/2oz / 14g, 3/4oz / 21g, 1oz / 28g, 1.5oz / 42g, 2oz / 56g
  • Stainless Steel Leader Line; Leader Length: 18" / 45.72cm
  • Complete with Beas & Fishing Swivel & Nice Snaps
  • Used in Conjunction with Fishing Lure or Hook to Increase Its Rate of Sinking, Anchoring Ability and Casting Distance

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