JSHANMEI 154Pcs/box Assorted Size Fishing Round Shape Sinker Weights Removable Fishing Sinkers Casting Weight Sinkers Kit-For Bait Rigs ,Rock Lures

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Technical Details
  • 1. Package:154pcs Assorted Round Shape Sinker Weights in a Free Reuseable Plastic Box
  • 2. Size and Quantity: 0.31g: 50pcs 0.56g: 40pcs 1.04g-25pcs,1.83g-16pcs,2.54g-10pcs,4.31g-8pcs,7.2g-5pcs
  • 3. Type: Round Shape Sinker Weights
  • 4. Professional production process
  • 5. Round Shape sinkers crimp on your line or pinch the ears to remove it
    154pcs Round Shape Sinker Weights 0.31g: 50pcs 0.56g: 40pcs 1.04g: 25pcs 1.83g: 16pcs 2.54g: 10pcs 4.31g: 8pcs 7.2g: 5pcs

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