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Technical Details
  • Bluetooth Connection! Connect and listen to music Via Bluetooth! Cellphone, Etc.. 100% brand new. Earphone fixed lever rotation angle of 270°. Stylish design, It is a sunglasses as well as a mp3 player.
  • This product employs excellent lenses, with trendy appearance. Extremely comfortable and secure for motor racing, running etc. Provides clear, natural sight, and excellent anti-impact performances.
  • Built-in lithium battery support maximum continues 4 hours playback. Stereo earphones, up to 85 decibel volume, bring you endless joy of high-quality music.
  • It shields UV, glare and diffused light, allowing you to enjoy music in the sun without disturbance, protect your eyes and eyesight.
  • Package Included: 1 X Manual 1 X Charger 1 X Sunglasses 1 X USB Cable 1 X Glasses Box 1 X Cleaning Cloth

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