Gainning X8 Strand Braid Line 300M (327 Yards) PE Material Braided Fishing Line Super Power Braid Fishing Tackle (multi, 85lbs-0.4mm-38.5kg)

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Technical Details
  • 85lbs 8 strands of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber
  • With stronger power yet thinner diameter, you will be able to have more reel capacity for fighting trophy fish
  • Superior abrasion resistance, great knot strength and low spool memory
  • Polyethylene Fiber from japan
  • High quality super strong 8 strands PE braid fishing line 300m
    Daoud 8 Strands Braided Fishing Line 300m Construction Abrasion Resistant Ultra Casting Braid -Thinner,Strong ,Smoother Abrasion Resistant . * Advanced wide angle technology-the smooth super line.Improved colorfastness. * Long and fast casting-smoother than ever. * Super sensitivity-instant feel for structure and strikes. * Exceptional strength and toughness. * Extremely high strengh-per-diameter.Amazingly thin and sensitive high pick-count forroundness and durability.Resists "digging in" on reel. Specifications: Suitable:Saltwater / Freshwater Length: 300m/328 Yards DAOUD Fishing Line Basic Parameters: Braided Line Number 0.8#: Diameter(MM):0.14mm | Strength(LB):10LB | Strength(KG):4.6KG Braided Line Number 1.0#: Diameter(MM):0.18mm | Strength(LB):20LB | Strength(KG):9.1KG Braided Line Number 2.0#: Diameter(MM):0.23mm | Strength(LB):30LB | Strength(KG):13.6KG Braided Line Number 3.0#: Diameter(MM):0.28mm | Strength(LB):40LB | Strength(KG):18.1KG Braided Line Number 4.0#: Diameter(MM):0.32mm | Strength(LB):55LB | Strength(KG):25KG Braided Line Number 5.0#: Diameter(MM):0.37mm | Strength(LB):70LB | Strength(KG):31.8KG Braided Line Number 6.0#: Diameter(MM):0.4mm | Strength(LB):85LB | Strength(KG):38.5KG Braided Line Number 8.0#: Diameter(MM):0.5mm | Strength(LB):108LB | Strength(KG):49KG Features: * Easy to use & Highly sensitivity and extremely low memory. * Greater density allows lures to run deeper. * The perfect balance of strength, toughness and handling. * Superior knot and tensile strength to land big fish. Package Includes: 1* Braided Line 1* Original Packaging

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