COLLAR AND CUFFS LONDON - 16 Ribs For Super-Strength - Windproof 60MPH EXTRA STRONG - TRIPLE LAYER Reinforced Frame With Fibreglass -StormProtector Straight Umbrella - Auto Open - Rainbow Canopy

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Technical Details
  • YEARS OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT - After years of designing and testing brollies, we understand everything that makes a great, durable and sturdy, wind resistant umbrella. There are four very important factors to look out for. 1) A STRONG FRAME WITH FIBRE GLASS, 2) A STRONG CANOPY THAT'S BIG ENOUGH TO COVER YOU, 3) AN AUTOMATIC MECHANSIM ALLOWING ONE HANDED OPERATION and 4) EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU CAN RELY ON, EVEN AFTER OUR 30 DAY GUARANTEE. We explore these factors below.
  • 1) A STRONG FIBRE GLASS FRAME - Our unique umbrellas are STRONG as we only use superior components and highly skilled Technicians. Our UltraFlex Frame Technology gives you both STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY. Even if gusts reach 60mph, our design allows the umbrella to flip to regulate pressure. Then our fibre glass ribs return to their original position TIME AFTER TIME. This is what "windproof" means; never settle for less. Each rib and stretcher are highly engineered to give you RELIABILITY.
  • 2) A STRONG CANOPY THAT'S BIG ENOUGH TO COVER YOU - We only use HIGH QUALITY, WATERPROOF FABRICS that are strong, lightweight and flexible so they work in harmony with the frame. When open, the canopy has a generous 120cm arc with a 103cm diameter.
  • 3) AUTOMATIC MECHANISM - This umbrella opens automatically so you can react to a downpour in seconds. The great thing about an automatic mechanism is that you can open the umbrella with just one hand, very important when every second counts and you're carrying half a dozen shopping bags! When closed, the umbrella measures 85cm from tip to handle.
  • 4) EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE - Buy with confidence with our money-back guarantee. Our after-sales support is world-class, no matter how long you've had the umbrella, always get in touch if you need us and we'll do our best to help. We never take your custom for granted; we have many loyal customers who come back to us again and again as we look after them!
    Accessories from COLLAR AND CUFFS LONDON are renowned for their sensational quality and affordability; our umbrellas are no exception! The British weather can be more than a little unpredictable... be one step ahead with our StormProtector MegaRibs straight umbrella. Our highly engineered umbrellas stand out from the crowd for many reasons: 1) This umbrella has 16 ribs, twice the number of many umbrellas. Extra ribs mean extra strength! 2) Our ribs encompass fibre glass for superior strength and flexibility. 3) Look closely and you'll see 3 layers of ribs that strengthen the frame. 4) Generous 120cm canopy arc when open with a 103cm diameter; rainbow canopy with personality! 5) Automatic mechanism - The umbrella opens at the touch of a button. 6) TIP - Always dry the umbrella in the open position to avoid frame deterioration. 7) Non-slip hook handle maximising comfort and style. 8) When closed, the umbrella measures 85cm from tip to handle. 9) A generous amount of fibre glass has been used to construct the 16 ribs of this umbrella meaning the frame is both strong and flexible. This sign of quality demonstrates that we never compromise on the quality or quantity of materials used. It's the above attention to detail and drive for quality that sets our umbrellas apart. An umbrella also makes a great gift idea - it will be used time after time by the recipient. Company Background: COLLAR AND CUFFS LONDON is a British retailer offering a stunning range of shirts, ties and accessories to customers all over the world. At COLLAR AND CUFFS LONDON, our passion is to bring customers accessories and menswear renowned for sensational quality and style, great value for money and exceptional customer service. Buy with confidence with our money-back guarantee (custom-made shirts excluded).

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