Best New Carbon 1.8M 2.1M 2.4M 2.7M 3.0M Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod Spinning Fish Hand Fishing Tackle Sea Rod Ocean rod (2.4M / 7.87 Ft)

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Technical Details
  • • High Quality,Beauty Body.high density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass make your fishing pole hard & durable.
  • • Adopt international leading X 45 degrees of cross carbon fiber technology; high elasticity and lightweight; exquisite workmanship, the carbon fiber content is 98% and the tensile strength is 10 times that of the steel bar, and the distribution of carbon filament is well-distributed and fracture will be avoided.
  • • The hardness of the SIC ceramic guide ring is higher, the weight is lighter and the heat dissipation is better. Its lower friction coefficient making it not easy to break, and its international advanced epoxy resin adhesive prevents the guide rings from falling off thus it is widely used in high-grade rod.
  • • Imported from Germany NM piano baking varnish; using the latest vacuum coating process, after 32 hand-made crafts its hand feeling is good, the surface is novel and unique which making it elegant and high-end.
  • • Import adjustable full screw reel seat; luxurious texture; flexible adjustment position can be moved up and down thus effectively and comprehensively fixes the fishing reels making it convenient and practical. Uses high-grade extended antiskid handle, beautiful and elegant; its hand feeling is refreshing and comfortable; its extended handle based on the lever principle fully resolve the weight thus greatly reduces the fatigue from the hook of a big fish.
    Basic information: Product information: Telescopic:Yes Material:Carbon fiber + alloy Suit for:Sea fishing,boat fishing GRADE:First-class POWER:ultrahard Comfortable hand feeling Ultra light Uniform stress Mirror technique Package Included: 1 x Fishing Rod standard----contraction length(c m)----sec-----weight(g)----front diameter(mm)----diameter back(mm) 2.1m---------------40------ --- 7------------120---------------1.1-------------------13 2.4m---------------40------------8------------140---------------1.1-------------------14.5 2.7m---------------42-----------9------------170--------------1.1---------------------16.2 3.0m---------------43-----------10------------200--------------1.1---------------------17.8 1.8m---------------40-----------6------------100--------------1.1---------------------11.2 Warranty: 1. we adhere to Amazon Return Policy. 2. Within 30 days, any quality problems, we will take full responsibility. 3. Any damages happened during shipping period, we will burden the cost.

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