3 x Phoxinus rubber butt rests / rod rests / back rests For use with rod pods etc. Suits virtually all fishing rods. Ideal for carp, course, match fishing etc

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Technical Details
  • 3 Phoxinus butt rests / back rests which fit virtually any rod
  • Soft rubber prevents rod damage
  • Standard thread to screw on to your rod pod
  • Rubber washer on thread to ensure rest points the right way when fitted
  • 12 month warranty on the rod rests
    Pack of 3 Phoxinus rubber butt rests / back rests which will suit virtually any fishing rod. The soft rubber on these rod rests prevents any damage and they are threaded to screw straight in to your rod pod. The rubber washer on the thread is essential to prevent your rests pointing the wrong way when tightened fully.

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